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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo will return on SBS with its upcoming eighth episode tonight, 19 September, at 10pm. The sequel will revolve around Lee Joon-gi's character, Prince Wang So.

The period drama will pick up right from where it left off, with the fourth Prince unmasking his face in public, at the end of the last episode. The show will continue to follow him and the various challenges faced by him due to the scar on his face.

Watch Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo episode 8 online here to find out how Wang So overcomes his inner fear and fights for the crown. The sequel can also be live-streamed through SBS app. Click here to watch it live online.

As viewers wait to find out what lies in store for their favourite character, a trailer of the upcoming episode hints at a new rivalry between the fourth Prince and Crown Prince Wang Mu. It shows Wang So telling Kim San-ho's character, "I came for my seat."

Meanwhile, an image of the fourth prince posted by Joon-gi on Instagram indicates that he could be the new Prince in power. However, fans of Scarlet Heart Ryeo will have to wait a little longer to find out if the male lead will defeat his brother.

Additionally, the promotional photos of episode 8 also hint at a love triangle between Court Lady Hae Soo, Prince So and Prince Wang Wook. It shows Lee Ji-eun a.k.a IU's character spending quality time with both the princes.

The teaser images even explore the onscreen chemistry between General Park Soo-kyung's daughter, Park Soon-duk, and EXO member Byun Baekhyun's character, Prince Wang Eun.

The other cast members who would appear in the sequel include Woo Hee-jin as Court Lady Oh, Jung Kyung-soon as the Empress Hwangbo and Jo Min-ki as King Taejo.