"Modern Family" is returning to ABC after a week-long break, and it looks like the family members have returned with quite the competitive spirit. In Season 7 Episode 8 "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer", all the couples of the large extended family are seen taking part in a family seminar and each of them are proving to the others that their marriage is perfect.

Gloria (Sofia Vergara) won a family seminar with the popular doctor and author of "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer", Debra Radcliffe, at the school auction. She obviously wants all the Pritchett and Dunphy adults to take part in the exercise, which is expected to help people clean out their emotional junk, thereby allowing them to be better partners and spouses.

As expected, her husband Jay (Ed O'Neil) is not very enthusiastic about this exercise and tries to get away from it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, the other two couples — Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cam (Eric Stonestreet), and Phil (Ty Burrell) Claire (Julie Bowen) — are desperate to prove that they are the better couple.

While Mitch and Cam try to maintain a surface-level interaction to come across as stable, Phil and Claire go to extreme measures to come off the strongest couple. Their daughters Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Alex (Ariel Winter), on the other hand, are counselling each other on their boy troubles.

Haley definitely needs someone to talk to regarding her Andy (Adam Devinee) situation, especially now that she hooked up with him in the previous episode. She would be confused about where she stands with him, considering Andy was still engaged when they got together in "Phil's Sexy, Sexy House".

Watch Season 7 Episode 8 of "Modern Family" at 9 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 2 December. You can also live stream "Clean Out Your Junk Drawer" on ABC Go!