Fans of "Modern Family" can finally heave a sigh of relief, because ABC is airing a new episode from Season 7 after a two-week break. Other than the premiere episode of the season, we haven't gotten a whiff of Andy (Adam Devine) and Haley (Sarah Hyland) romance.

However, that trend is expected to change with the upcoming Episode 6, wherein the two of them will bump into each other. Making the interaction even more awkward, each of their significant others are also present. Andy and Beth (Laura Ashley Samuels) are on a movie date that Haley and Dylan (Reid Ewing) are also attending, and things are sure to take a weird turn considering how Haley and Andy left things off in "Summer Lovin'".

Meanwhile, Haley's brother Luke (Nolan Gould) runs into some bad luck and gets arrested for driving around without a license. And Phil (Ty Burrell), who is usually the biggest cheerleader for all his kids, regardless of how much trouble they are in, is very upset with Luke and according to his wife Claire (Julie Bowen), may be overreacting just a tad bit.

The delinquent behaviour in the Dunphy household may be contagious, because Alex (Ariel Winter) also gets caught by her parents while trying to sneak out of a liquor store. It could be the fact that all his kids are acting up at the same time, but Phil is wound very tight in the upcoming episode, wherein he is also dealing with a bit of personal insecurity.

Meanwhile, Cam (Eric Stonestreet) tries to get Gloria (Sofia Vergara) to make and sell her family's signature hot sauce, as his husband Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and father-in-law Jay (Ed O'Neil) work on the latter's video to accompany his Titans of Industry award.

Watch out for Season 7 Episode 6 of "Modern Family" at 9.00pm (EST) on Wednesday, 11 November. You can also live stream "The More You Ignore Me" via ABC Go!