Shippers of Haley and Andy from "Modern Family" will have to be patient for a while because an ex-boyfriend has gotten back in the picture. In season 7 episode 3 "The Closet Case", we will see Haley and Dylan living together – but not in the ideal living situation.

The last we saw Dylan (Reid Ewing), he was getting full-fledged into his T-shirt business, and in order to help him save money and get on his feet, on-again-off-again girlfriend Haley (Sarah Hyland) talks her father into allowing him to stay with her in the basement. Phil (Ty Burrell) may be easy to please, but her mother Claire is a tough cookie and to "talk her into" giving permission, Phil may have to be really careful, considering "she is fully awake now".

Considering Dylan's history with the Dunphys, it looks like he has a spot in their basement at least for a while. But what does that mean for Haley and Andy (Adam Devine)? Have they forgotten that they are in love with each other? The last time we saw Andy, he was double his normal size and still trying to eat his emotions away.

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Their egos stopped Andy and Haley from being with each other in the premiere episode of season 7, but an ex in the mix spells trouble. If the showrunners' plan is to let Dylan hang around till the finale so that can drag the Andy-Haley story, it is not going to be met well with the fans.

Some have made explicitly clear where their loyalties lie:

"I'll be so mad if she ends up with that dummy! #teamandy"

"I already am mad that she's with him...again!"

"I think that Dylan and Haley are good for comedy reasons but Andy is the one she needs to be with in the end they have such an real amazing chemistry that she could never have with Dylan."

"Dylan moving in with the Dunphys??!! Why??!! Haley and Dylan are so high school. Come on!"

For now, we can take comfort in the hope that being with Dylan might make Haley realise what she shares with Andy is magical, and take her back to him.

Watch out for season 7 episode 3 of "Modern Family" at 9.00 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 7 October on ABC. You can also live stream "The Closet Case" via ABC Go!


Could the Dunphys possibly let Dylan move into their house? Find out on Wednesday's #ModernFamily!

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