Modern Family
Michael Urie to Guest Star in 'Modern Family' Season 6 Episode 7 titled 'Queer Eyes, Full Hearts'.Facebook/Modern Family

It has been two episodes since Haley (Sarah Hyland) and Andy (Adam Devine) decided to start dating and there still seems to be no update on their relationship on "Modern Family". However, the Dunphys and Pritchetts have a lot going for them in season 7; and episode 11 "Spread Your Wings" will also involve quite a few robots.

In the upcoming season 7 episode 11 of "Modern Family", we will see Phil (Ty Burell) visiting Alex (Ariel Winter) at Caltech, and he is quite excited to see everything that his daughter wants to show him, especially the robotics lab.

While a highly professional Alex shows her father how robotics is helping humanity in every sector, from medicine to warfare, Phil's childlike enthusiasm awakens and he starts playing with the robots. Phil's curiosity leads to the football team's captain getting annoyed at Alex.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Dunphy's are trying to stop the ducks from following them around. In a promo for the upcoming episode, a duck is seen peeping into Claire's (Julie Bowen) room as she stands draped in a bed sheet, admonishing the duck, "You have a problem."

Mitch (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Jay (Ed O'Neill) are in charge of Lily's first sleepover with her friends from the Vietnamese troupe dance, while their respective better halves focus on their hot sauce project. The men seem to be a great hit with the young girls, and are even seen dancing as the dancers cheer them on. Mitch also gets a makeover from the girls.

However, eventually it may transcend to a Chinese factory-like situation, considering they are seen helping Cam (Eric Stonestreet) and Gloria (Sofia Vergara) bottle the hot sauce. Jay is heard screaming, "Pick up the pace ladies."

Watch out for season 7 episode 11 of "Modern Family", to be aired at 9 pm (EST) on Wednesday, 13 January. You can also live stream "Spread Your Wings" via ABC Go!