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The latest episode of "Mob Wives" will focus on a huge fight between bitter rivals Drita and Karen. The two will have a war of words regarding an old issue, which will flare up again. This will be the crux of Season 6 Episode 7.

According to the synopsis on TV Guide, "A rumour brings back an old feud between Drita and Karen." While it isn't clear what rumour causes them to fight again, we can safely guess that the rest of the group will somehow be embroiled in the fight.

In the promo for the upcoming episode, Karen tells new cast member Marissa that Drita always uses other people as pawns. Karen also states that Drita used Carla, Natalie and Brittany to fight her battles.

On her part, Karen tells Marissa to confront Drita. "The best way to deal with Drita, is to confront her," she adds. Although Marissa does not respond when Karen shares her advice, it is likely that the new cast member takes the bait. It appears as if Marissa is officially a part of Team Karen after her disastrous first impression of Drita.

However, Karen's plan may not work out in her favour. A recent Facebook post on the "Mob Wives" page suggests that Drita will be very angry in Episode 7. The two will perhaps begin fighting after Marissa confronts Drita.

Elsewhere in the episode, Big Ang will reveal the truth about her marriage with Neil. The reality star, who has been diagnosed with throat and lung cancer, will shed details on her married life and her partner's support.

Season 6 Episode 7's synopsis reads:

Ang receives devastating news that exposes her relationship issues with Neil. Elsewhere, Brittany forms a stronger alliance with Drita due to her feelings about Renee and Carla; and a rumour brings back an old feud between Drita and Karen.

"Mob Wives" Season 6 Episode 7 airs on Wednesday, Feb. 17, at 8 p.m. on VH1. You can live stream the episode here.