For fans who've waited for long to watch the wives of gangsters discuss loyalty, friendship and family, the return of "Mob Wives" Season 6 is in many ways a happy occasion. VH1's reality show will air its final season from Wednesday, 13 January. If you thought the last season will inspire the wives to mend their relationships and forge lasting friendships, it is not likely to happen.

Season 6 Episode 1 of "Mob Wives: The Last Stand" concerns itself with the original cast members of the show. Big Ang, Drita, Karen, Renee and Carla's lives are explored. The show, which relies heavily on loyalty and friendship, will depict an alienated Drita in Episode 1.

Although Carla and Drita are best friends, they don't spend any time together. In fact, Carla hangs out with Karen and Renee, a decision that upsets Drita.

Elsewhere in the episode, Drita decides to write a memoir, but her ex-husband Lee is anything but motivating. He is scared his secrets will spill out, and implores his ex-wife not carry on with her plan. However, she doesn't listen.

The Season 6 premiere of "Mob Wives" will also introduce two new cast members: Brittany Forgaty and Marissa Jade. It isn't yet clear how the rest of the wives will react to Marissa, but it appears Brittany will have a difficult time making allies.

Season 6 Episode 1's synopsis reads:

In the Season 6 premiere, the original Staten Island crew is finally at peace after sending the ladies from Philly packing. Later, a new woman shows up and forces the group to face some difficult decisions.

"Mob Wives" Season 6 Episode 1 airs on Wednesday, 13 January, at 8 pm on VH1. You can live-stream the episode here

Watch the season 6 trailer here: