Psychologist Karen Kim has got herself entangled in a mess. Not only is she pregnant with a stranger's baby, but also left helpless when the man in question flips out when he receives this piece of information. To be sure, this was expected, given most plot-lines in the ABC drama series, "Mistresses."

In last week's episode, we saw Karen deliver the news of her pregnancy to Alec and Vivian, the married couple she sleeps with. The mistakes of her past continue to haunt the gorgeous psychologist, and in this context, she might have to bear the consequences alone. That is, if Alec continues to distance himself from Karen's pregnancy.

However, the psychologist might just find a new friend in the bargain: Vivian. A new clip released on their Facebook page depicts Karen and Vivian's plans regarding the pregnancy. An enthusiastic and excited Vivian comforts her psychologist friend and reveals that she tried having a baby once, but failed.

To an empathetic Karen, this revelation forms a stronger friendship between the two. Later, Vivian asks if Karen would object to raising her child with the married couple. While we don't know Karen's response, we can safely assume that she wouldn't mind, given her friendship with Vivian.

Furthermore, the rest of the season could focus on Vivian's proactive role in the pregnancy. If at any point, Alec backs out, we will most probably see Vivian take full responsibility and help Karen through this turbulent time.

"Mistresses" airs on Thursday, 20 August at 9pm on ABC. You can live stream the episode on ABC GO.