In the latest episode on Fox's "Minority Report" "The Present", when Dash finds out that Vega is going to be a victim of a future crime, he decides to avoid it at any cost and save her life.

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According to the official synopsis, "After Dash and Vega realise that Vega is the victim in Dash's latest vision, they team up with someone who played a key role in the murder of Vega's father many years ago. Meanwhile, Arthur digs further into his and his siblings' memories."

The promo of the episode shows that the story will explore Vega's past as Dash witnesses her to be a victim in one of his visions. Dash is determined to do whatever he can to evade the circumstance and save Vega, but for it, Vega has to face her long forgotten past.

As shown is some photos of the episode, Vega is interrogating an inmate as Dash is watching over. Elsewhere, Agatha seems to be worried about something.

In order to get answers out of the inmate, Vega pulls out her gun but the inmate seemingly pushed her up against the wall and runs away. Afterwards, she and Dash are talking in a warehouse, both looking worried.

In the previous episode titled "Fredi," Arthur was going to somewhere with a girl. Suddenly, Dash burst in and said he has to talk with Arthur. Ignoring the girl, Dash asked him to tell Vega about Agatha's vision. Arthur refused and threatened that he won't help ever again if Dash forces him again.

At the police headquarters, hawk-eye analysts paired up with a cop when Blake entered and gave Dash an eyeball. Vega was worried as she thought she was spending a lot of time with Dash. After having another vision, Dash rushed to Wally to find out what had happened.

Teaming up with Akeela, Dash and Vega found about the killer, who was a man named Cayman Bello. Dash and Vega went to a party where they met another potential victim named Ferdi.

After Dash told Ferdi about his past, Ferdi developed feelings for him. On the other hand, Agatha used her brother Charlie to steal a file from the police headquarters that had vital information regarding pre-crime revival.

Dash found that he was getting comfortable with Ferdi. However, he soon found out that Ferdi was not the victim, she was the killer. With great difficulty, Dash managed to convince her not to kill Cayman and to escape before the cops come.

Elsewhere, Agatha got her brother Charlie killed and used his powers for her own good.