"The Middle" is back with a brand new episode this Wednesday, and based on the promo Sue is going to encounter someone from her past.

Logan, an Abercrombie mall store greeter who was introduced in "While You Were Sleeping", will run into Sue once again in Wednesday's episode entitled "Land of the Lost". It remains to be seen if a romance is on the cards for these two, but fans are hopeful, especially as he seemed to like her just fine when she was "doofy," according to a post on the show's Facebook page.

Another fan wrote: "Sue is like a lot of young ladies... who everyone believes is a wallflower in high school but who actually blossom and thrive in college and beyond...Sue deserves a Logan."

"This guy seems way more grounded and mature. I vote for him. Sue needs that," yet another opined.

Elsewhere in the episode, fans will see Brick visiting Sue in college and Frankie seeking Reverend TimTom's help to find out why Mike has been distant for a while.

The show has been teasing at a change for the Hecks and some believe the family is going to come into some money, especially as Mike and Rusty were successful in selling their diaper idea.

"The Middle" is aired Wednesdays on ABC. Click here to catch the episode online.

The synopsis for "Land of the Lost" reads:

Axl and Hutch complain to the city about the recent ant problem they have. Meanwhile, Sue invites Brick to visit her at collage and realizes she lost Brick after running into the handsome Abercrombie greeter she went to "prom" with; Frankie asks Reverend TimTom to find out why Mike is being distant.