Michelle Obama
First lady Michelle Obama smiles while attending the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington February 6, 2014REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Jimmy Fallon seems to be working his heart out to prove that he can host the "Tonight Show" as well as Jay Leno. He has had a brilliant start for his first week as the host of the talk show and adding to the fun and frolic was the special appearance of America's first lady Michelle Obama Thursday night, for a sit-down interview and an extraordinary comedy sketch.

Adding to the punch of fun-filled, awe-inspiring moments was a special cameo made by Comedy superstar Will Ferrell, as he and Fallon, both dressed in drag; acted as adolescent girls hosting TV show called "Ew!."

While the comedy sketch sparked outburst of laughter, what will perhaps be remembered are Obama's sharp one-liners, beautiful dance moves and, quite importantly, her tips on healthy eating.

Watch the video below:

In the post-sketch interview with Fallon, the first lady said that although Barack Obama is the most influential man in the world; he is often the source of embarrassment for their daughters. "They want nothing to do with us. I am so serious," she told Fallon.

As 15-year-old Malia and 12-year-old Sasha are quickly stepping into the world of adolescence, Obama noted that driving lessons, especially for Malia, who is going to be 16, are coming soon to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

"When we're out of here in a few years, they've got to be able to function as normal people so driving is a part of that," Michelle Obama said.

"Ladies and gentleman of D.C. watch out! Malia Obama on the road," she joked.

 Here are some of the most notable Twitter reactions to the show and Michelle Obama: