This week's episode of "MasterChef US Junior" is cheesy, quite literally. The junior homecooks from America have a platter of different types of cheese under their mystery box, and if they are to win the judges favour and prevent from being eliminated, a wonderfully crafted dish with cheese has to be made.

The promo for episode 3 also depicts a guest. Astraunaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson makes an appearance, and the contestants immediately raise their hands to shoot a slew of questions at the astronaut who's been launched into space twice.

In the promo, judge Graham Elliot points out that this year's contestants are quick to guess that there's an array of cheese waited to be infused into their dishes. He says: "What's so funny is that the kids come in, knowing that something's up right away and they're like, 'I smell cheese. Something stinks in here.'"

Admittedly, some of the kids on the show are baffled to know that the moon is made of cheese. Others seem excited to meet an astronaut in person. "That's always been on my bucket list," says Addison. 

While the junior homecooks will probably have a million ideas up their sleeves for the mystery box challenge, a difficult protein awaits them in the elimination test. According to the synopsis, the contestants will have to make a sea food dish. 

"MasterChef US Junior" season 4 episode 3 airs on Friday, 8pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode via FOX NOW.