The finale of this season's "MasterChef" is finally here. The two-hour instalment, consisting of episodes 17 and 18, depict the three finalists, Brandi Mudd, Saun O'Neale and David Williams, as they struggle to produce their finest dishes in the kitchen. In what seems like a long and arduous battle, the home-cooks from various parts of America present an appetiser, an entrée and a dessert to the judges.

To be sure, the Season 7 finale of "MasterChef" is determined by judges Christina Tosi, Chef Gordon Ramsay and Chef Wolfgang Puck. The American celebrity chef makes his way to the MasterChef kitchen after appearing in the Season 7 premiere.

This year, the format appears to be slightly different. In the first part of the finale, the home-cooks get 60 minutes to make an appetiser. After this, they get the same amount of time to prepare their entrée and their dessert.

While the three finalists have a mature palette and have produced distinctive dishes throughout the competition, it remains to be seen who will take home the MasterChef trophy.

So far, Brandi's food has impressed the judges the most. The 27-year-old contestant from Kentucky has produced dishes that have been comforting, hearty and carry soul. However, she faces tough competition from the other two finalists, David and Shaun.

Among the three, Shaun is definitely a fan-favourite. The 33-year-old contestant from Las Vegas has been one of the toughest competitors in Season 7. His sophisticated take on dishes has been an inspiration and in many ways, Shaun seems to embody the traits judges look for in a "MasterChef." However, David's technique is strong as well and the battle between these two men could get intense.

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"MasterChef" Season 7 episode 17 and 18 air at 8 pm EST on FOX. You can live-stream the episode via FOX NOW