After a really long wait, the top nine contestants, and judges Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi, are back with a new episode of "MasterChef." The latest instalment of the cooking reality show includes a two-hour special in which former "Top Chef" Season 7 contestant and winner Kevin Sbraga makes an appearance. His challenges test some of the contestants' skills in Season 7 episode 12.

In the upcoming instalment of the FOX TV series, Chef Sbraga introduces a host of premium ingredients as part of a mystery box challenge. The promo for Season 7 episode 12 reveals what the contestants will have to cook with. The mystery box includes lamb, black cod, octopus, squash blossoms and a variety of pulses.

While this excites some of the cheftestants, one particular contestant, Brandi Mudd, finds them alien. Reason? She doesn't have these ingredients in her home state, Kentucky.

Chef Ramsay approaches her and asks how well she's faring in the challenge but contrary to everyone's expectations, Mudd says that she feels "good" about her dish: a pan seared black cod with tandoori spices, a braised octopus with deep fried squash blossoms stuffed with hummus.

The mystery box challenge sure seems like a breeze for this Kentucky native. However, one contestant does leave the "MasterChef" kitchen at the end of Season 7 episode 12.

Elsewhere in the two-hour special episode, the contestants cook with potato. Although the synopsis doesn't reveal much, suffice it to say that the top eight have to display their skills while using this staple ingredient found in most American kitchens.

Who do you think will face elimination and who do you think will be the winner? Let us know in the comment section. 

'MasterChef" Season 7 episode 12 will go on air at 8 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Aug. 24, on FOX. You can live-stream the episode via FOX NOW.