After a two-week break, chefs Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi return to the MasterChef kitchen. The latest episode of "MasterChef Junior" is special for many reasons, one of them being FOX's decision to dedicate two hours of its air time to junior home cooks in America. In addition to this, season 4 episode 8 and 9 will include a guest who's not been seen on TV so far -- judge Christina Tosi's mother.

The promo for the upcoming episode of "MasterChef Junior" includes quite a few challenges, but the underlining theme appears to be pairing the top 10 remaining contestants with dishes that are quite difficult to make.

In season 4 episode 8 titled "Hatching a Plan", the contestants are paired into teams of two and are required to make the most number of deviled eggs under 12 minutes. But of course, this is "MasterChef Junior" as the judges often remind us and no challenge is that easy. A few minutes into the competition, Chefs Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay occupy a station and make the contestants' lives more difficult. From the promo, we can only say that Kya and Amaya are the strongest among the rest of the pairs.

Whoever loses this round will have to fight for their spot in the elimination challenge, which, we must say, is quite intriguing for children aged between 9-13.

The contestants have to prepare their signature dishes that would be included in their future cookbooks. At this point, the junior edition of "MasterChef" is beginning to resemble the challenges posed before older and more experienced cooks in the adult version of "MasterChef US".

It is still unclear who will get eliminated in this episode, but whoever it is, he/she is safe from another daunting episode in "MasterChef Junior". Season 4 episode 9 titled, "Tag Team Time", includes a guest appearance by Christina Tosi's mother, who will perhaps talk about her love for street food and introduce a huge carton of international ingredients used in street food dishes worldwide.

We are looking forward to seeing Kaitlyn and Addison's dishes. After all, they are one of the pairs in season 4 episode 9's tag team challenge. The promo images indicate that the two create a dish with beef, biscuits and corn. It would be suffice to say it looks delicious.

"MasterChef Junior" season 4 episode 8 and 9 will be aired on Friday at 8pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode via FOX NOW: