After a relay race that mentally as well as physically exhausted the junior home cooks on "MasterChef Junior", the judges have decided to throw in a surprise. In the latest episode of the cooking reality show, the contestants take part in a carnival and cook for those present at the fun event. However, there are a few special guests whose palates are as sophisticated as judge Gordon Ramsay's.

In Season 4 Episode 5, the kids from across the US have to cook food for Chef Elliot and Chef Ramsay's four kids — Jack, Holly, Megan and Mathilda. This is not the first time Ramsay's children have appeared on the show, but it is the first time all four of them appear together. From previous seasons of "MasterChef Junior", we know his 14-year-old daughter is quite gifted in the kitchen. She even did a cooking demonstration of salmon en croute for "MasterChef Junior" contestants in a previous season.

In the promo for the upcoming epispode, the contestants swoon over Chef Ramsay's eldest son Jack. One of the contestants says: "He's so cute." However, in this team challenge, it will be judges Gordon Ramay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi who will decide who wins. The losing team will have to create a very technical and difficult French dessert.

The synopsis of Season 4 Episode 5, titled "Happy Birthday", reads:

The cooks leave the kitchen for a team challenge to make food for a birthday party for kids ages 8-13, and the invitees include the Ramsay's and Elliot's children. The winners are safe from elimination, while the losing group compete in a pressure test involving the French dessert croquembouche.

"MasterChef Junior" Season 4 Episode 5 airs on Friday, 4 December at 8pm on Fox. You can live stream the episode online via Fox Now and Hulu.

Watch the promo: