What do you do with Thanksgiving Leftovers? Well, you have to watch the latest episode of "Masterchef Junior" to find out. The reality cooking show manifests festive spirit in the kitchen by asking contestants to prepare a seven layer dip. And as usual, the show throws some surprises at the amateur junior home cooks.

In the promo for "Masterchef Junior" season 4 episode 4, judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi reveal the team challenge to the 18 remaining home cooks: Each team has to prepare a seven layer dip.

Judge Gordon Ramsay says in the promo, "The beans, which you have to mash yourself. The corn, which you have to cut off the cob. Salsa, which you're going to have to mix together. Lettuce, which you're gonna have to shred. A layer of Wholly Guacamole, which is all-natural and scooped and made with fresh avocados."

The winner of the challenge gets to dunk the judge's head in the seven layer dip. If the promo is an indicator of what is to come in episode 4, then we predict that Ian's team wins the challenge, and judge Christina Tosi is the first to taste the dip, with her eyes, nose and the rest of her senses. However, other judges are not spared as well. Judges Graham Elliot and Gordon Ramsay follow suit.

This is followed by an elimination challenge. The winning team picks ingredients which the rest of the contestants have to cook with.

"MasterChef Junior" season 4 episode 4's synopsis reads:

The 18 remaining cooks split up for their first team challenge of the season, which involves creating a large seven-layer dip, and the group that finishes first is safe from the next elimination challenge and gets to choose its ingredients.

"Masterchef Junior" season 4 episode 4 titled "The Good, the Bad and the Smelly" airs on Friday, 8pm on FOX. You can live stream the episode online via FOX NOW.

 Watch the promo below: