The semi-finals of the junior edition of MasterChef is upon us, and with it, the tension and anxiety to see our favourite contestant win. Now, top four contestants Zac, Addison, Amaya and Avery have to prove their talent to judges Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi.

In season 4 episode 11 titled "Head of the Game", the top four contestants have to take part in a soufflé challenge. This has been one of the most popular challenges on "MasterChef US". After all, it takes a great deal of technique and skill to bake a perfect creamy soufflé that looks and feels like a cloud. According to the synopsis, the winner of this challenge will have an advantage in the elimination round.

To be sure, we think that Addison may have won the soufflé round. In the promo, the young cheftestant is seen in the MasterChef kitchen with the judges and it is revealed that the top four contestants will have to cook pigs ears in the elimination challenge.

Addison doesn't seem very impressed by the key protein. She says, "Man you're grossing me out."

Whoever fails to impress the judges in the semi-finals will be eliminated, leaving the final two to take part in episode 12.

"MasterChef Junior" season 4 episode 11 titled "Head of the Game" will be aired on Friday, 8pm, on Fox. You can live stream the episode via FOX NOW.

Watch the promo below: