The premiere episode of ABC's "Agents of SHIELD" titled "Laws of Nature" will deal with the agency's mission to track the Inhumans while finding out about another similar organisation which is hunting them.

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The trailer of premiere episode shows that uncontrolled penetration of the Terrigen Crystal has generated a chaos. Joey accidentally exposed himself to the crystal and discovered that he has some unique powers now using which he can melt metals just with the touch of his hands.

Christian Today reported that Joey's new found powers landed him in Advanced Threat Containment Unit that is designed to transform into a combative den if an Inhuman is on the loose.

As Joey tries to escape from Coulson and the team, he comes across an unexpected ally who shoots furiously at the team causing them to scatter. She even effortlessly hurls a vehicle with simple hand motions to stop them from getting Joey.

Meanwhile, Skye who now goes by her real name Daisy, realises Joey's dilemma and uses her powers to bring the confused and frightened Inhuman to safety. The trailer also hinted that Daisy may teach him to control his powers.

Though the trailer confirmed that Joey is not yet safe from any harm, it showed that Daisy is definitely going to help him recover. Once he is trained properly, he should be able to use them for helping the team.

As mentioned in the official synopsis, in the latest season, Agent Coulson along with Ouake and others will look for the other Inhumans and will try to persuade them to join SHIELD and help them fight criminals with special powers.

With the new enemies constantly on the rise, a team that is stronger than ever is the need of the hour and Inhumans like Daisy and Joey will certainly be of help.