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After an intense, tear-jerking finale, the couples on "Married at First Sight" will speak to experts about their marriage. The reunion episode, titled "Six Months Later," will provide an update on whether or not the couples are still married after the reality show concluded it's Season 3.

In the finale episode, David Norton and Ashley Doherty opted for a divorce. They were not the only ones who decided to separate. Neil Bowlus and Sam Role parted ways after he said that he didn't want to be married after his six-week stint. The only couple who wanted to stay together was Vanessa Nelson and Tres Russell.

[Spoiler Alert]

When the latest instalment of FYI's reality show airs, the fans will know if Team Trenessa has been bowled over by that strong, heady feeling called love. Furthermore, Sam and Neil's unfortunate divorce and life after their separation will be depicted as well.

The promo for the upcoming episode includes some very candid scenes involving Neil and Sam. While he remains reticent as always, his ex-wife is vocal about her feelings for Neil. She says, "I don't think there are words to express how sorry I am of how I treated you." A teary-eyed Sam leans in for a hug and Neil, being a gentleman as he always is, consoles her.

In the video clip, Sam is seen wearing a ring on her finger. Although this does indicate that the couple is perhaps still together, Neil told Real Mr. Housewife that he had decided to divorce her because of a lack of deep connection between them. On her part, Sam said that she wished they were still married but added that she was a difficult partner and drove him away.

Elsewhere in the promo, Tres and Vanessa look very distressed while speaking to the experts. While they still have their wedding rings on, Vanessa seems tense and sad when asked if she is still with Tres.

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"Married at First Sight" Season 3 reunion special, titled "Six Months Later," airs on Tuesday, March 8, at 9 p.m. on Bravo. You can live-stream the episode here.