All the couples on FYI's reality show "Married at First Sight" seem to have come a long way since Season 3 premiere. Even David and Ashely have had moments of intimacy in their short marriage. While this should certainly make the experts on the show happy, their shortcomings are glaring in Neil and Sam's marriage. Even if the two are together, their relationship is fraught with misunderstandings and tension. This will be depicted in Season 3 Episode 9 of "Married at First Sight."

In the upcoming episode, Neil and Sam move to the latter's town house. Although Sam is very happy at the prospect of moving to a place that's familiar to her, her husband isn't. Reason? The married couple has to share the townhouse with a flatmate. This bizarre living condition makes Neil uncomfortable. This is evident in the promo when he says, "There's no space for me. I feel like I'm a guest."

Samantha, who is perhaps all too comfortable in her space, forgets to enquire about her husband's predicament. At one point, she leaves him alone with her flatmate, creating a very awkward situation for both of them.

A visibly exasperated Neil says, "What just happened? What is going on?"

While Neil did not express his intention to move out of Sam's town house, the next few episodes could certainly depict his exit, if the situation doesn't turn for the better. 

Ever since Neil and Sam tied the knot, they have been trying to understand each other a little better. Previously, Sam said that her husband is very different on and off camera. 

Season 3 Episode 9's synopsis reads:

The couples work on communication with Dr. Joseph Cilona. Also, Neil struggles with Samantha's living arrangements; Vanessa has trouble with a fear of; and Ashley reveals her true feelings to David.

"Married at First Sight" Season 3 Episode 9 titled "Breaking Down Barriers" airs on Tuesday, 19 January, at 9pm on FYI. You can live stream the episode here