It was only a while ago that Sam and Neil fought on their honeymoon. The newlyweds evidently don't get along well, seem very different from each other, and have to move in as a couple in the upcoming episode. However, it remains to be seen if they can actually live under the same roof.

In a video diary made by them, Sam talks about how difficult it is for her to communicate with Neil. While she introspects her attitude towards her husband, she admits she needs to find a way to make this marriage work, and towards the end, she remains positive about their future.

On the other hand, her husband Neil seems to harbour frustration and resentment towards his marriage. It is obvious that his self confidence is hurt, and he expresses his hurt when Sam attacks his manhood.

According to the synopsis, Sam and Neil will have to overcome certain obstacles before they move in together.

Elsewhere in the episode, David and Ashley fail to create any chemistry. Whilst moving in, Ashley tells her husband she wants her own space. Furthermore, she demands that she sleep in her bedroom alone. At this point, David is confounded by his wife's decision to stay away from him.

To be sure, the two have very different ideas of intimacy since the premiere of Season 3. While Ashley isn't forthcoming, David wants to have a marriage.

In the promo for Season 3 Episode 6, Ashley doesn't seem impressed by the house David has selected for them. She remains silent when asked for her opinion. In the video clip, she says: "When you don't like something, don't say anything at all."

According to TV Guide, Season 3 Episode 6's synopsis reads:

The couples head home and divide up living expenses. Also: David is worried about Ashley's desire to spend a night apart; Samantha finds it difficult to move in with Neil; and Tres and Vanessa have a dispute about where they should live.

"Married at First Sight" Season 3 Episode 6 titled "Moving In" airs on Tuesday, 29 December at 9 pm on FYI. You can live-stream the episode here