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David and Ashley's marriage has been rocky from the start, but it remains to be seen if it would survive until the end. The couple, who tied the knot on FYI's "Married at First Sight" Season 3, has tried to overcome their problems, but is it too deep seated?

In last week's episode titled "Celebrations," Ashley felt left out at the Independence Day party. Although she put on a happy and confident face and remained social throughout the evening, Ashley felt neglected. She expected her husband's company, but David was quite clueless about his wife's predicament. Later in Episode 11, Ashley was crushed when she found a text from another woman asking David about their drinks plans.

In the upcoming episode titled "Intimacy Part II", David and Ashley will experience anything but closeness in their marriage. Ashley will still have mixed feelings about her husband and may not want to spend time with him. The synopsis on TV Guide states that Ashley will want to be alone and think about their future.

Meanwhile, David will undertake a pilgrimage of sorts and visit his father's grave in Buffalo. He will seek solace from his family and his brother will impart some advice on marriage.

Throughout Season 3, David has been strong and has even decided to stay with Ashley when she wasn't attracted to him physically. Will this temporary separation make him think twice about his marriage?

The rest of Season 3 Episode 12 will depict the new found happiness in Neil and Sam's marriage. The two will understand each other better and will even buy a house. This of course is happy news for fans of Neil and Sam.

This love and understanding will be seen in Tres and Vanessa's marriage as well. They will reignite the romance in their marriage.

Season 3 Episode 12's synopsis reads:

Ashley wants time alone; David travels to Buffalo to get support from his brother and visit his father's grave; Tres Vanessa make an effort to be romantic; and Neil and Samantha move into a new home.

"Married at First Sight" Season 3 Episode 12 titled "Intimacy Part II" will be aired on Tuesday at 9pm on FYI. You can live stream the episode here.

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