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Those who've been waiting to see Elizabeth McCord find clever solutions to every international crisis needn't wait any longer. Madam Secretary, the political drama, is back with its season 3 premiere instalment and as always episode 1 captures the Secretary of State disagreeing with President Dalton.

[Spoiler Alert]

According to the synopsis (via TV guide) for season 3 episode 1, Elizabeth asks the president to reconsider his foreign policy and change his stand on climate change. These issues prove to be hugely controversial, especially in an election year, and President Dalton is hesitant to toe Elizabeth's line.

But why does Elizabeth want him to change his foreign policy and change his position on climate change? This is mainly because a U.S. naval base gets destroyed by a storm in Bahrain. This episode shocks her and makes her re-think. However, her line of thinking contradicts her party's stand on global warming. 

It's unclear if President Dalton will meet Elizabeth half way. In addition to this, her decision to run for vice-president is not yet known. But perhaps the premiere instalment will explore this. 

Season 3 episode 1's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

In the Season 3 premiere, Elizabeth asks President Dalton to risk change in an election year after a storm destroys a naval base in Bahrain, prompting the secretary of state to urge the commander-in-chief to reexamine his approach to climate change and his overall foreign policy. Meanwhile, Jose Campos works to bring Henry back into the DIA fold; and the McCords worry that Jason's laptop may have been hacked by a possible stalker.

Madam Secretary season 3 episode 1 airs at 9pm EST on Sunday, October 2, on CBS. You can live-stream the episode via CBS All Access