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In the latest episode of "Madam Secretary", Henry will have to rely on others for support during a family crisis. His marriage will be tested as he deals with depression, and Elizabeth (Tea Leoni) may not be of much help.

In season 2 episode 13, Henry (Tim Daly) tries to grapple with the death of his father. During this sensitive period, his family, especially his sister Maureen (Kate Burton), irks him and reminds him of his insecurities. According to the synopsis, his conversation with Maureen brings up uncomfortable truths that he's been trying to negate.

Showrunners Barbara Hall and Lori McCreary hinted at a possible tension in the McCord household. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hall said that the second half of season 2 will focus on Elizabeth and Henry's personal lives and explore the ill-effects of their jobs on the marriage.

Kate Burton, who plays the role of Henry's sister, is integral to Henry and Bess's relationship. "She's part of the story that takes us into a little bit of the Henry and Elizabeth origin story, how they got together, and how that affected their relationship with each other and their families. You'll get to see the relationship with Elizabeth," Hall added.

Elsewhere in the episode, Elizabeth deals with a problem in the State Department. According to the synopsis, Russel withholds critical information from Bess and her team, and it is up to the secretary of state to uncover what this might be.

"Madam Secretary" season 2 episode 13 titled "Invasive Species" will be aired on Sunday, 24 January, at 8pm on CBS. You can live stream the episode via CBS All Access.