The tortured love triangle between Peter, Amina and Tara continues and is borderline-boring for the fans, but freshman member Cardi B has become a constant source of entertainment in "Love & Hip Hop New York." She has become the most popular star of the show in Season 6 and it pained her fans to hear that she may be marrying her boyfriend, who is in jail.

In the previous episode, she was seen telling her friend that she planning to marry her man who is in jail. Her friend opined that she may not be thinking the whole thing through, and that the best thing would be for her to wait till he gets out of jail and then plan her wedding.

"You know those weddings with flowers and bridesmaids.. That's not my stuff. I wanna get married in jail.. Now, that's my kinds stuff," Cardi told the cameras. It seems like her mind is made up, despite her friend pleading her to wait till he comes out and proves that he can resist temptations in the real world and be faithful to her.

When DJ Self tried to get close to her too, Cardi had mentioned that she has a main man in the jail whom she hopes to marry some day. However, he still tried to be with her sexually, and in the end got busted when his girlfriend Yorma and Cardi met each other at Mariah Lynn's birthday party.

However, it looks like Self is ready to mend his ways, although Yorma believes their relationship is on the right track. She had even met Self's daughter and felt that they were in a good place, but Yorma's sister found out that he was being a little too cozy with a girl called Rosa, who works at a beauty bar close by.

Yorma's sister tells her that they should pop up on her while she is working. Although Yorma seems to be a little apprehensive about showing up at a stranger's workplace, she takes her sister's advice. Fans will get to see some dramatic confrontation between Self's main girl and side chick in the upcoming episode.

Watch Season 6 Episode 9 of "Love & Hip Hop New York" at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, Feb. 8. You can also live stream "Love & War" via the vh1 website.