Young B, Cardi B and Mariah Lynn
Young B, Cardi B and Mariah Lynnscreenshot/Video

In the previously aired Season 6 Episode 6 of "Love & Hip Hop: New York", it was revealed that Tara, Peter's ex-girlfriend/baby mama, is pregnant with yet another child he fathered. The announcement comes just after Peter's wife Amina revealed she is pregnant; however, she decided to abort her baby.

Tara had wanted to extricate herself from Peter's romantic life and had visited a therapist to understand why she has been unable to do it. It was during her talk with the doctor that it was revealed that she is pregnant.

Tara, who already has two sons with Peter, is yet to reveal the news to the baby daddy. Peter has been very quiet about the pregnancy of both his wife and ex-girlfriend. However, when "fans" of "Love & Hip Hop" started attacking the women, he lashed out at them, and said if they wanted to blame anyone it should be him.

He also reminded them none of his children are on welfare and he needs no help from anyone to take care of his kids: 

Meanwhile, Mariah Lynn asks Young B if she needs any help in bringing down the girls of BBOD. As fans will remember, Mariah and Miss Moe Money were both cosying up to the same man, Cisco, earlier in the season. Mariah and Sexy Lexi — the other half of what used to be BBOD — also had a conflict in Episode 6, when they realised Rah was managing both of them.

The girls were united by Cardi B, who asked both her friends to join her for a glass-blowing class at Brooklyn Glass. Although Cardi and Mariah were all for uniting against BBOD, Bianca was wary of the entire situation, saying she was trying to be on her best behaviour and could not be a part of whatever the other two were cooking up.