Princess Love and Ray J's love story has been prominent on season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood and so far it has been rainbows and sunshine for the couple that has already wed in real life.

In the upcoming season 3 episode 7, though, there is going to be trouble in paradise, as Princess confronts Ray for not being there when she needs him. Ray has been focused on his Scoot-E-Bike business and has been absent for important occasion leading up to his wedding including cake-tasting.

It was obviously embarrassing for Princess to be stood up by her fiancé at the cake shop, and she is tightly wound because of it. Ray, as usual, fails to understand what he did wrong, and tries to woo Princess back by putting her in one of his Scoot-E-Bike billboards.

Even when Princess tells him that she wants him to be more present during their wedding preparations, he gets distracted and asks her to take a photo of him riding a Scoot-E-Bike in front of the billboard. Furious, Princess leaves him in the middle of the road with his bike and drives away in their car.

The official synopsis for the episode reads:

Lyrica and A1 throw a housewarming party; Ray's business is booming, but Princess is frustrated; Nikki and Rosa experience awkwardness in public; Teairra has legal issues.

Don't forget to watch Season 3 episode 6 of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood at 8 pm (EST) on Monday, September 26. You can also watch Party Pooper via VH1 website.