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Coming out is difficult, especially if the people you love most aren't supportive. Reality TV star Miles learns this hard truth in the upcoming episode of "Love and Hip Hop Hollywood." In Episode 8, two of his beloved friends, Amber and Milan will get entangled in an ugly verbal altercation when questions regarding Miles' sexuality is raised.

In the previous episode, audiences witnessed Miles' best friend and ex-girlfriend, Amber's hurt, confusion and complete lack of support when her ex-boyfriend reveals that he is gay and dating rapper, Milan. Amber runs out on her therapist, Dr Stacy Kaiser and breaks into tears. 

While we hoped that she would be over it, it appears she is not. In the promo for Episode 8, Amber tells the camera that she needs more answers and wants to know why the man she once wanted to marry is suddenly gay.

She says, "Since Miles told me about Milan, that's all I can think about. I have so many questions, and I'm sure Miles won't get me any straight answers. I deserve the truth, and I asked Milan if we can meet up and he said yes. It's about time I come face to face with the little boy who's with the man that I thought that I was gonna spend the rest of my life with."

Amber walks towards Milan's recording studio, hoping to have a honest discussion, but their conversation will not go according to her plans.

Miles tells the camera, "So I've always wanted to meet up with Amber since Miles and I got together. Her continuation to be a big part of his life has always been a problem for me, and if Miles and I wanna have a future and have a relationship she's gone have to be left in the past. And I'm gonna let her know that." 

Judging their apprehension about each other, we can safely predict that Amber and Milan will have an awful lot of back and forth which will turn nasty. And hanging in the balance is Miles' relationship with Milan, and his friendship with Amber. 

"Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" season 2 episode 8 airs on Monday, 26 October at 8pm on VH1. You can live stream the episode online via VH1 website

Watch the promo for Episode 8 here: