Joseline from "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"
Joseline from "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta"Facebook/Love & Hip Hop

There has been no shortage of drama so far in Season 5 of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta," but it is going to get a lot more intense now that Joseline is back in the crew. She confronts Karlie with some incriminating news before trying to break up Mimi and girlfriend Chris in the upcoming Season 5 episode 4.

In the upcoming episode, Joseline, claiming to be a "grown up," tries to befriend Mimi. Although the latter knows Joseline always has something up her sleeve, Mimi decides to give her a chance. Soon enough Joseline proves that she has not really grown up at all.

Joseline has dug up some dirt on Karlie and is seen threatening her with it in the promo for the episode. Although Joseline tries to get Mimi in on the drama, the older lady decides she wants nothing to do with it.

However, Mimi will not be able to stay drama-free with Joseline around for too long. In the promo for the upcoming "Watch Your Back," Mimi introduces Joseline to her new boo Chris. The Puerto Rican beauty first disrespects Chris by asking who the young lady is, before asking Mimi if her "tongue action is better than" hers.

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Mimi is clearly riled up with Joseline's behaviour and Chris is definitely angered to hear that the ladies have a history. This probably is the end of the short-lived friendship between Stevie J's former wife and current wife.

Meanwhile, Tommie, the newcomer who everyone is comparing to Joseline, will be seen getting into a huge fight with her man Scrapp. She learns that Scrapp has been hiding a third woman "right under [her] nose" all along.

While Tommie and Tiarra were fighting over the rapper, he was actually messing with a whole another girl for over a year. However, it is difficult to see why she still wants anything to do with him, considering he has already declared he doesn't love her. In the promo she is running behind a moving van, possibly one that Scrapp hired.

Watch the high-drama Season 5 episode 4 of "Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta" at 8 p.m. (EST) on Monday, April 25. You can also stream "Watch Your Back" online via the VH1 website.