The final moments of Scrapp's freedom will be captured in the upcoming Season 5 episode 10 of "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta" aptly titled "Final Goodbye." Although the main focus will be on Scrapp, the episode will also see Deb (Waka Flocka's mother) approaching D Smith to join her anti-bullying panel.

As fans will remember, D Smith and Tammy, Deb's daughter-in-law, had an altercation earlier this season. Deb had wanted to work with D Smith, but the latter was not interested. Moreover, D Smith's friend Tammy and Betty Idol had a very violent fight the last time they interacted.

In "Final Goodbye" Deb asks D Smith if she would like to join her anti-bullying panel, which was formulated after her son committed suicide. Being a transgender spokesperson, D Smith was more than happy to join the panel, and even told Deb that there would be no drama if Betty and she were to attend.

However, when they started talking about the disagreements from the past, it becomes clear that working together may not be as easy as it looked. D Smith even went on to call Tammy a "Tasmanian Devil" and Deb realises that D Smith may not be an ideal member for the anti-bullying panel.

However, a sneak peek into the upcoming episode shows D Smith making an appearance at the panel. Whether she goes with good intentions or to stir up more drama, will be revealed when "Final Goodbye" airs on Monday.

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Meanwhile, Stevie J and Joseline's drama is reaching new peaks, with the former posting a video on his instagram claiming that Joseline never was and never will be his wife. A few weeks back he had tweeted that he is single and is looking for a "lovely, virtuous, loyal & God-fearing woman."

Joseline responds to Stevie's antics with her usual threats of exposing his true self. "Lie detector test about your true liking will be out n---- holla at Jesus for this 1." She then added, "Why y'all think he gossip so much? He a straight girl."