Liv and Maddie
Liv and MaddieTwitter/Dove Cameron

The latest instalment of "Liv & Maddie" will focus on Liv (Dove Camron) and her relationship with her childhood friend and boyfriend, Holden (Jordan Fisher). The two perform a catchy song in Season 2 episode 5 titled "Dream-A-Rooney."

The promo (via Disney Channel Central) for the upcoming episode indicates that Liv will don her celebrity persona and perform on stage. She sings "Key of Life," which becomes a huge hit in the school. However, her journey to the stage is a long and hard one.

At school, the actress speaks to band members about an upcoming gig. She suggests that her band, Dream, reunites for a performance. While Liv sounds excited, her bandmates don't. She soon realises that she's been sacked from her role as vocalist. A tearful Liv says: "Holden you know you're not supposed to keep secrets from me."

She also tells her bandmates: "You kicked me out of the band and didn't even tell me? Wow."

At the heart of episode 14 lies the importance of communication. The teenagers grow apart because of secrets and lies, but their friendships don't suffer because they communicate with each other again.

Season 3 episode 14's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

The Dream members are asked to reunite for a fund-raiser and Liv is determined to make it happen. Meanwhile, Maddie tries to determine where to attend college.

"Liv & Maddie" Season 3 episode 14 airs Sunday, March 20, at 9 p.m. on Disney. You can live-stream the episode here.