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Just when we thought Terra Jolé is public enemy no. 1 after being very honest and blunt with her criticism of Tonya Banks' active wear line, Christy McGinty's questionable behaviour surfaces. In Season 5 episode 7 of "Little Women: LA," Briana Renee gets ratted out by Christy, who claims to be her best friend.

In the upcoming episode of the Lifetime reality TV series, Briana gets served legal papers by her ex-publicist Julie. The "Little Women: LA" star is reminded that she has 30 days left after defaulting on a contract she signed with her ex publicist in October 2015. This comes as a shock for Briana and her husband Matt Ericson, but more interestingly they get annoyed with Christy for revealing Briana's whereabouts.

Matt reminds his wife that Christy is the only person who knows where Briana is likely to be. The mother of two concurs and later tells the cameras that she's shocked at her (ex) friend's behaviour. But it isn't just this couple who is mad at Christy, Terra joins in on the hate as well. 

In the promo for Season 5 episode 7, Terra says, "I never thought this would happen but with all of these sneaky, slimy things Christy has been doing lately, she's actually been making douchey Matt look good." 

Most of the cast members remain angry with Christy for becoming Julie's newest client and later, giving out information about Briana's life. Will there be a confrontation between Matt's wife and Christy? This remains to be seen. 

Elsewhere in Season 5 episode 7, Jasmine tries to talk to Terra about resolving her fight with Tonya. However, Terra comes on rather forcefully and asks if her cast mate would buy the active wear? When Jasmine says, "That's not particularly my taste," Terra finds an opportunity to say this: "It's nobody's taste." 

"Little Women: LA" airs at 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Aug. 24, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode via My Lifetime.