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The cast members of "Little Women: LA" will be stuck in a huge fight when the latest instalment, Season 5 episode 6, gets aired. Thankfully, the drama will not surround Briana Renee and her husband Matt Ericson. Instead, Terra Jolé and her honesty will be at the centre of a fight, which involves her and the rest of the gang.

Of all the cast members on the Lifetime reality TV show, Terra is known to speak her mind. The mother of two has always told Briana that her decision to be with Matt is a bad one. Unlike Christy McGinty, Terra has never flip-flopped. However, her strong convictions will land her in trouble in Season 5 episode 6. 

Terra's best friend Tonya Banks will talk about her hurt and anger at receiving harsh criticism from Joe's wife. The active wear designer will even reach out to Jasmine and the rest of the gang. In the promo, Tonya says, "Terra came at me downing my active line. How could she get that way?" 

Although Jasmine will say nothing to placate Tonya, Elena Gant will have an honest discussion with Terra. Elena will inform Terra that she's rather harsh with her words but none of this might have an effect on her. 

The promo for Season 5 episode 6 indicates that Terra's fight with Tonya will take an unfortunate turn and Terra will have a war of words with the rest of the gang. 

In the video clip, Christy reminds Terra that her best friend is still hurt but this statement only makes Terra angrier. She walks out on her friends and it remains to be seen if she will make up with Tonya. 

"Little Women: LA" Season 5 episode 6 will be aired at 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Aug. 17, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode via My Lifetime