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If Elena Gant's fight with the rest of the cast members wasn't enough, Jasmine Sortega joins the bandwagon. In Little Women: LA season 5 episode 12 titled Belly Dance Battle, Jasmine says she's offended by Terra Jolé.

Everyone on Little Women: LA has, at some point, been offended by Terra and this time it is Jasmine's turn. Interestingly, she is offended by a compliment that Terra paid her. 

Remember the time Terra told Jasmine that she usually doesn't like people who don't have pets? Well, this statement riles Jasmine up and she wonders if she even has a friendship with Terra.

Jasmine, who seems to be suffering from a case of taking everything at face value, says she is tired of proving herself. Her last words to Terra are, "I'm done." Quite dramatic, right? But Terra has the perfect response to Jasmine's perturbed mind.

She says that she was blindsided. In her confessional, Terra says, "I say offensive shit all the time but this isn't one of those times." 

We think that Jasmine should forget about what Terra said and divert her energy on the belly dancing class the cast members take, which in Terra's words are "better than an orgasm."

Season 5 episode 12's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

Jasmine worries about an off-handed comment that Terra made; and Tonya suspects her daughter is hiding a secret about her dating life. Later, Terra organizes a belly-dancing class for the ladies, but an argument ensues after Jasmine confronts Terra about hurting her feelings.

Little Women: LA season 5 episode 12 airs at 9 pm EST on Wednesday, 28 September, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode My Lifetime