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Elena Gant is usually the reserved one of the lot. But the 29-year-old cast member of Little Women: LA loses her cool at her surprise party. This is the crux of season 5 episode 11, titled Birthday Blowout. 

Alert: Spoilers ahead

In the upcoming instalment of the Lifetime TV series, Elena's husband Preston throws her a surprise party and it's on a boat. Most people would be elated at the prospect of being away from the mainland, but not Elena. 

The mother of two gets angry because she's far away from her twin boys. She feels marooned on a boat even though she's with her friends. In the promo for Little Women: LA season 5 episode 11, Elena says that she doesn't want to spend her birthday with her friends, no matter how entertaining they are. 

This becomes evident when Terra Jolé presents her a thoughtful gift but it fails to make Elena happy. When the birthday girl is asked the reason for her sullenness, she says "Everything's fine. I don't want to talk about it." Later, she bursts into tears. 

It isn't clear if Elena's mood gets better as the party progresses, but one thing that does progress is this: the drama. According to the synopsis (via TV Guide), Christy McGinty and Tonya Banks have a heated conversation about the photoshoot fiasco. 

Fans of the show will remember that Christy introduced Plastic, a transgender model who Matt Ericson sent sexually suggestive texts to. In season 5 episode 10, Christy's gesture was not welcomed by the rest of the gang and we think we haven't heard the last of it. 

Little Women: LA season 5 episode 11 will be aired at 9 pm EST on Wednesday, September 21, on Lifetime. You can live-stream the episode via My Lifetime