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The latest episode of "Little Women: LA" revolves around Christy and Todd's marital problems. In Season 4 Episode 6 titled "Special Pizza Delivery," Christy McGinty and her husband Todd Gibel will be embroiled in an argument that will spiral out of control.

In the upcoming episode of Lifetime's reality show, the Christy and Todd's change of residence will take a toll on the couple. The move will make Christy frantic, but her husband will let her handle the situation all by herself.

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In the promo for Episode 6, Christy tries to include Todd but he remains standing at the kitchen counter. Although she does not explicitly ask him for his support, Christy later reveals that his lack of enthusiasm affects her. In an aside, she tells the camera that Todd's weight issues might affect their chances of adopting a baby. It remains to be seen if she will have an honest discussion with him.

Elsewhere in the episode, Christy throws a housewarming party and invites all of her girlfriends. This party turns out to be more fun than any of the cast members imagined. Elena Gant get's the news that she is pregnant.

Season 4 Episode 6's synopsis on TV Guide reads:

"The ladies wonder if they've lost a friend after Terra's fight with Tonya and Elena. Later, Christy gathers everyone for a day of pizza-making; and Elena receives unexpected news that will change her life."

"Little Women: LA" Season 4 Episode 6 airs Wednesday, March 2 at 9 p.m. EST on Lifetime. You can live stream the episode via My Lifetime.