"Limitless" is going strong with its storyline even after four episodes and fans are just loving it. In between keeping his NZT secret safe and proving his loyalties, things are only getting more complicated for Brian Finch. And now, watch how Brian's relationship with Rebecca gets complex in episode 5, titled "Personality Crisis."

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In episode 4, we saw how Brian proved his loyalty to Senator Edward Morra by stealing some documents from the FBI. After that, Morra sought assurance from Finch that his new partner, Rebecca Harris, doesn't gain more information about the NZT drug. "Page 44" also saw Rebecca going for her father's last painting exhibition and how Brian finds her father in the NZT files.

This week's episode 5 will pick from where "Page 44" left and will see Brian's relationship with Rebecca getting more complicated. While on one hand, he feels the emotional pressure to tell Rebecca about NZT after he found a shocking secret about her late father, on the other hand, he could just end up in serious legal hassles if he did so. 

A promo for "Personality Crisis" also teases that Finch will start learning martial arts from Rebecca's secret FBI boyfriend and while learning self-defence, Finch will end up intruding in Rebecca's personal life.

Plot synopsis of "Personality Crisis" reads:

Brian learns a shocking secret about Rebecca's late father but worries that telling her will land him in legal trouble. Also, Brian accidentally meddles in Rebecca's personal life while learning self-defense from her secret boyfriend, FBI Agent Casey Rooks.

"Limitless" Episode 5 titled "Personality Crisis" will be aired on CBS on 20 October, 10pm.