"Limitless" continues to get more interesting, suspenseful and addictive with every episode. The last three episodes have seen Brian Finch trying hard to fit in the FBI team by helping them solve cases while being on NZT. But will he betray the FBI in episode 4, titled "Page 44"?

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In last week's episode 2, we saw how Brian reunited with his former love, Shauna and also solved a murder case. But this reunion got Brian thinking if Shauna was actually impressed by his NZT-infused personality. On the other hand, he realises that the NYPD was involved in the murder case that he solved.

Brian found out that Mr Sands, whom he fondly calls "Mike," is actually working for Senator Eddie Morra, the man who threatened him to cut off his NZT supply if he didn't follow his orders.

In episode 4, Brian will be seen torn between two things --- doing what's right and keeping his promise to Senator Morra. In "Page 44" we will see that Brian has been asked to steal some files from the FBI by one of Senator Morra's representatives.

Now only tonight's episode will tell us if Brian will do what the Senator has asked and betray the FBI. The promo of the episode teases that Brian's loyalty towards FBI is questioned as he is seen wearing a shirt which reads: "Female Body Inspector," with the initials "FBI" highlighted.

Meanwhile, Agent Rebecca Harris will be seen dealing with the death of her father.

Plot synopsis of "Page 44" reads:

Brian's loyalty to the FBI is tested when a representative for Eddie Morra demands he steal secret files on NZT; at the same time, Agent Harris finds herself dealing with strong emotions after learning what was left to her by her recently deceased estranged father.

"Limitless" Episode 4 titled "Page 44" will be aired on CBS on 13 October, 10pm.