"Limitless" started off pretty strong. The last two episodes showed how Brian miraculously got some superpowers while on the NZT drug. In Episode 3, however, he may feel that his newly-found intelligence is complicating his personal life, especially with his ex-girlfriend making a comeback.

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In Episode 2, we saw how Brian Finch struggled to fit in having got his new job as an FBI agent. He managed to solve a murder case using his new-found intelligence, but at the cost of irking fellow agents and almost getting fired. Agent Rebecca is seen helping him through this and gives him his identity card as a consultant for the FBI.

"Badge! Gun!" showed how Brian's father suspected him of hiding something from him. But when Brian tried to explain the issue to his father, he was reminded by Senator Morra's agent (who appears in disguise) of the deal he made about not sharing his secret with anyone.

Brian's personal life gets more complicated in Episode 3 as well. Going by the promo, it looks like NZT may just ruin Brian's love story. The preview shows Brian's ex Shauna make a comeback in "The Legend Of Marcos Ramos" and how Brian manages to impress her --- while on NZT. But he has a date night with the girl and by then the drug's effect has faded and he has lost his mojo. This is when he is seen wondering if Shauna is actually impressed by his NZT-infused persona.

Meanwhile, the episode will also see Brian helping Agents Harris and Boyle investigate the murder of a retired FBI agent, and they end up finding a link to the head of an infamous drug cartel.

Official synopsis (via Pogdesign)

When Brian helps Agents Harris and Boyle investigate the murder of a retired FBI agent, they're shocked to find a link to the elusive head of a notorious drug cartel. Also, Brian reconnects with an old flame, Shauna, but worries her renewed interest is really in the NZT version of him.

"Limitless" Episode 3 titled "The Legend Of Marcos Ramos" will be aired on CBS on 6 October, 10pm.