"Legends" is half way through season 2 and it has come out very clearly that the Sean Bean starrer, TNT Drama has got a major makeover since its first season. The series has got fans hooked to its gripping thriller and maddening puzzle. And Martin Odum's journey continues with episode 5, this week.

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Last week, in episode 4 we saw how in present day Paris, Kate becomes a fugitive as a result of her link to a violent attack. Hence, Martin puts her into hiding. He attempts to use Nina Brenner to get Kate out of trouble.

Meanwhile, "The Legends of Ilyana Zakayeva" also focused on Ballard, who learns some useful information from Ilyana that could lead him to Martin. In 2001 Prague, when Ilyana asks Dmitry for a dangerous favour, he offers her a deal instead. And Tamir tries to save his own skin by using evidence that could help Ballard and Gabi finally nail Dmitry.

In this week's episode 5, we will see that Nina and MI6 agent Simon Hardy, in the present day will offer Kate a deal that Martin doesn't like, but he may not have much choice. The promo of "The Legends of Terrence Graves" also teases Ilyana being enlisted as an operative in 2001 Prague, while in 1976 England, it will be discovered that Terrence has a secret life.

Official synopsis of "The Legends of Terrence Graves" reads: "Nina and an MI-6 agent offer Kate a deal that Martin does not like; Ballard convinces the FBI to let him take down Martin; in 2001, Dmitry enlists Ilyana as an MI-6 operative and gives her an assignment."

"Legends" season 2 episode 5 will be aired on TNT on 7 December at 10PM.