"Legends" is all set to return with its second season on TNT on 2 November at 10pm. And like the makers promised, the Sean Bean starrer is expected to be a completely revamped spy thriller.

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The series premiere last year kind of disappointed the fans, who had pinned high hopes with the procedural drama — mainly because of Sean Bean (Ned Stark of "Game of Thrones.") And this year again, the showrunners have claimed that the show has been completely re-imagined, with a new supporting cast, exotic locations, and a whole new approach to storytelling. Sean Bean fans await his return as a covert operative whose world is turned upside down when he discovers that everything he thought he knew about his life has been a lie.

Here's what critics have to say about the retuning season of Sean Bean starrer "Legends".

Deadline: "Season 2 of Legends, which like the excellent second season of HBO's The Leftovers is really a whole new show that you barely need the first season of, borrows the best tone from the Bean-starring ITV miniseries Extremely Dangerous, some of the grit and blood of 24: Live Another Day, and the psychological and religious dramas of Homeland (worth noting that Legends EP Howard Gordon holds the same credit on 24 and Homeland and has obviously brought their bare essentials to this show). The real strength though remains the never-to-be underestimated Bean. As his role in Ridley Scott's The Martian and of course that first season of Game Of Thrones shows, he's an actor with wide-ranging versatility."

Variety: "TNT is billing the second season of "Legends" as having been "completely re-imagined," and for once, that's not just hyperbole. Having apparently recognized that Sean Bean was the program's singular asset, the producers have developed a new, more ambitious structure that proceeds along parallel tracks, featuring two stories, one set in present-day London and the other unfolding 15 years earlier....." "...Legends" might not provide a quick fix, or yield anything explosive in terms of a ratings surge (if anything, it could be narrower in its appeal, based on the network's track record). But as a clue regarding where this Turner channel is heading, it's not a bad sign."

Spoiler TV: "Whereas last season the show's tone often flipped wildly from episode to episode, this season feels much more even. This is a very character-driven season with an ensemble feel, as we jump among several interconnected storylines and slowly learn clues to the central question of the show, which is who is Martin Odum ... really. The question of Odum's identity was central to season one too, but whereas last season the emphasis was more on the plot twists, this season, the more compelling angle is the emotional weight the characters carry. Last season I was critical of the lack of the depth in the writing for much of the cast. I have no worries of that being an issue this season. The characterization is much richer and evenly distributed among what is impressing me as a strong supporting cast."

"Legends" season 2 premieres on TNT on 2 November, 2015 at 10PM.