Legend of the blue sea
Heo Joon-jae will learn more about Shim Chung in The Legend Of The Blue Sea episode 5.Twitter/Legend Of The Blue Sea

The Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji-hyun-starrer period drama, The Legend Of The Blue Sea, returns with episode 5 this Wednesday, November 30, at 10pm KST on SBS.

The Korean mini-series will continue to follow conman Heo Joon-jae and his mermaid lover Shim Chung in the new episode. Fans will also get to know more about the love story of village head Kim Dam-ryeong and the golden tailed mermaid, Se-hwa.

The period drama concluded its fourth episode by hinting at troubled moments for both the couples. In the flashback sequence, three armed men of Lord Yang attacked the female lead and her lover reached out for help. The sequel ended by featuring serial killer Ma Dae-young at the doorsteps of Joon-jae's house in the present day.

The Legend Of The Blue Sea episode 5 will pick up right from where it left the onscreen couple, and focus on the various challenges faced by them. While a set of teaser images released by SBS features the village head and the mermaid on the hilltop, the trailer shows Lee Min Ho's character asking the female lead to leave the house if she has nothing to tell him about their relationship.

The promo ends by teasing a reunion of Heo Joon-jae and Shim Chung. Will they get back together on the first day of snowfall? Click here to watch The Legend Of The Blue Sea online via live stream at 10pm Korean time. The fifth episode will also be available live online here for fans across the world.

Check out the trailer for the SBS period drama below: