"The League" is half way through its "speculated" final season. And the show, as expected, has kept up its tempo by offering fans constant dose of laughter with its hilarious content. The giggles continue this week with episode 6, titled "The Beer Mile."

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"The League's" season 7 returned with episode 5 last week, throwing some light on the issue of bullying and Ellie's sex education classes. Though the episode didn't quite focus much on fantasy football, it didn't fail to offer chuckles with its script revolving around Taco's Little Eskimo Brothers programme and Ellie's sex ed.

"The Bully" saw Ellie, who started going for her sex ed classes, being bullied by a boy named Cooper Harris, who actually is part of Taco's Little Eskimo Brothers programme. Ellie reaches out to her parents not just to let them know about the bullying issues, but also to help her out with her sex ed project.

While Jenny and Kevin try to figure out how to help their daughter, Ellie also visits Taco to seek his help on the subject. On the other hand, Kevin also visits Taco at his Little Eskimo Brothers to meet Cooper, but not to pull him up for bullying Ellie, but to attain more hysterical bullying terms so that he could use them to his advantage. When Ellie finds this out, she confronts her father for spending more time with her bully.

In this week's episode 6, Taco will be seen coaching Pete to run the Beer Mile. But it would be interesting to see how Andre and Meegan double-team Jenny. Fans have been hoping this Jenny thing to be revealed soon. 

Meanwhile, Jenny will be seen playing Andrew and Meegan to secure victory in her match up against Andre. And Kevin will be busy investigating where the gardener drops trough.

Plot synopsis of "The Beer Mile" reads:

"Pete runs the Beer Mile with coaching from Taco; Kevin investigates the gardener to see where he goes to the bathroom; and Jenny's matchup with Andre means she also has to play Meegan."

"The League" season 7, episode 6 titled "The Beer Mile" will be aired on 14 October, on FXX at 10PM.