"The League" season 7 could be the final instalment of the series, but this hasn't stopped fans from indulging in this fantasy football comedy. Considered to be one of "TV's raunchiest shows", the FXX sitcom continues doling out more of those awesome catchphrases and one-liners in episode 5, titled "The Bully".

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Last week's episode 4 saw "The League's" take on the much-publicised New England Patriots' deflategate scandal and witnessed guest appearance from Randall Cobb of the Green Bay Packers.

"Deflategate" opened with Pete having sex with his new girlfriend and while finishing they find a wet spot on the sheets. Pete is disgusted and his dilemma is spread within the group.

On the other hand, Kevin -- who shares his sex life with Jenny -- tells the crew that he uses condoms to avoid wet spots. When teased by the group, he asks Jenny to take birth control pills instead. But, Jenny rejects his request.

Meanwhile, Andre gets sued by his patient's boyfriend for ruining her breast implants, who claimed that one of her breasts seems more deflated than the other. But Andre soon finds out that Taco has been causing his breast implants to deflate because he is using them as bean bags for his new bean bag toss league.

Taco's craziness continues in episode 3 as he starts a programme called "Little Eskimo Brothers". And, "The Bully" will also throw light on Kevin's sexual and condom issues as he gets enrolled for new sex education classes.

Plot synopsis of "The Bully" reads:

Ellie's new sexual education class makes Kevin uncomfortable; Taco starts a program at EBDBBnB called Little Eskimo Brothers.

"The League" season 7 episode 5, titled "The Bully", will be aired on FXX at 10 pm on 7 October.