American comedian cum producer Stephen Colbert is all set to make a comeback on television with CBS talk show "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert". He will kick-off the programme at 11.35pm on Tuesday, 8 September, and it can be live streamed here.

While CBS and Colbert are tight-lipped about the premiere episode of "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert", the guest list gives some clues. The presence of actor George Clooney and singer Jonathan Batiste may take viewers through the world of entertainment.

The Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush might add on some serious topics for discussion. Earlier, Colbert had stated that he will include some controversial topics in the show. "We will do the best show we possibly can and occasionally make the network very angry at us," Stuff quoted him as saying.

Meanwhile fans of the late-night talk show, which was hosted by David Letterman for the past 22 years, can expect to watch some new changes in the programme. The CBS entertainment chief Nina Tassler has already revealed that the format of the show is completely left to the creativity of Colbert.

So followers of Stephen Colbert can set their clocks to get themselves involved in some serious political discussions with Bush and enjoy some lighter moments with Clooney and Batiste at 11.35pm on Tuesday, 8 September.