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TNT postponed the air date for its hit TV series "The Last Ship" last Sunday following the Orlando shootings. However, the show returns this week with a two hour special, which will depict a war brewing between the two powerful countries.

When Season 3 episode 1 opens, it is with positive news from President Michener. The Commander-in-Chief will reassure the American people that radio and TV will be back, and that power will be restored in the Southwestern part of the country.

While America will struggle to find normalcy after the red virus wiped out 80% of the world's population, other countries will still reel from it. And in Season 3, Japan will be the real victim of the dangerous virus.

If there's one country who could help Japan, it is its neighbour, China. However, President Peng will hoard the cure in order to gain leverage over the region. In response, President Michener will ask Tom to set up a meeting with the Chinese Head of State.

The U.S. President makes it clear that American will consider replacing China's President if Peng doesn't co-operate. However, will Peng reconsider U.S.'s request? Or will America and China be involved in a bitter conflict?

It seems as if the TV series is veering towards a war between the two nations now that the cure has been found. Perhaps this tension between the two countries will be focus of the plot in Season 3.

Season 3 episode 1 and 2's synopsis (via TV Guide) reads:

Chandler is sent to Asia to probe a possible mutation of the Red Flu in the Season 3 opener. Also, Capt. Slattery and his crew deliver a cure to Southeast Asia, but they might be heading toward an unforeseen threat. Chandler tries to return to his old crew while sharpening attention on a menacing new enemy.

"The Last Ship" Season 3 episode 1 and 2 airs at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, June 19, on TNT. You can live-stream the episode via TNT's website.