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In the Season 3 premiere of "The Last Ship," several countries in South East Asia will be affected by the red virus and there will be little or no hope of stopping it. Episode 1 of the TNT TV series will focus on the rising tension between China's response to the virus and the U.S.'s effort to stop President Wu from putting people's lives at stake. 

Thus far, the post apocalyptic show has concerned itself with finding a cure for the red virus that wiped out almost 80% of the world's  population. However, the latest season in the TV series based on William Brinkley's novel will focus on spreading the cure found by Dr. Rachel Scott. But curing people of an infection caused by one of the most dangerous viruses won't be easy and this is evidenced in Season 3 episode 1. 

The premiere episode of "The Last Ship" will open in St. Louis where the U.S. President gives a special task to Tom Chandler. The Chief of Naval Operations will be assigned to go to China in order to investigate rumours that President Wu is hoarding up the cure for the red virus. Chandler's lone journey to the country that's suffering from a deadly attack will be fraught with a lot of tension. 

The promo for Season 3 episode 1 includes scenes in which he is unwelcomed in China and it seems as if he will be stuck there for most of this season. But it won't be just Chandler who will embark on a dangerous journey. Mike Slattery, who is now at the helm of U.S.S. Nathan James will travel to South East Asia in the hopes of delivering the cure, but their ship will be attacked. 

It is not yet known if Slattery and his crew members will get arrested, but the synopsis (via TV Guide) for the upcoming episode indicates that they will face a major threat. 

"The Last Ship" Season 3 episode 1 airs at 9 p.m. EST on TNT. You can live-stream the episode via TNT's website.