"Last Man Standing" season 5 is progressing at a smooth pace. The last three episodes have not had any major high points or twists, but still it has maintained its tempo of light-hearted family drama. And Mike's dilemma continues as he returns with his daughters for more drama and confusion this week in episode 4, titled "Educating Boyd."

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In last week's episode 3, we saw Vanessa is worried that Mike will lose contact with Mandy after she moves out and so she encourages Mike to find something he has in common with her. After the two failed to find any shared interests, they attempted to revive their old tradition of Saturday ping-pong games. "Ping-Pong" also saw how hard Vanessa tried convincing Eve to support Hillary Clinton so that there will be a female president. But, Eve disagreed with her mother and said that she wouldn't support a candidate whose positions she doesn't agree with just because she's a woman. The episode ended with Ed wondering whether he should try to contact his long-estranged daughter.

This week on episode 4, we will see Mike's dilemma of sending Boyd to attend a private school, after his public school suspended him. He seeks Ryan's help to look out for private schools. The promo of "Educating Boyd" also shows Kristin and Kyle searching the restaurant for a loose raccoon. The promo also teases that Mandy is camera shy and Eve discovers this while taking pictures of her for a class assignment.

The synopsis for "Educating Boyd" reads:

When Boyd is suspended from school, Mike wants Ryan to look into private schools; Kristin and Kyle are faced with a raccoon in the Outdoor Man restaurant.

"Last Man Standing" season 5 episode 4, titled "Educating Boyd", will be aired on 16 October at 8 pm on ABC.