"Last Man Standing" season 5 is back with a bang and the last two episodes have shown how Mike Baxter, played by Tim Allen, the former star of "Home Improvement", struggles proving his point in a house full of women. But it looks like episode 3, titled "PingPong" will finally shift the focus away from Tim.

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So what happens when a manly sporting-goods store marketing boss decides to spend more time at home with his daughters? Well, the answer lies with "Last Man Standing" and Mike Baxter, a traditional-minded American dad who is the king of the hill at work, but, he's the odd man at home that is dominated by women -- his wife and their three daughters.

In episode 3, we will see the focus shift from Mike and move towards more women. Keeping up with its tradition of having politically-inspired content, the show's "PingPong" episode will show Vanessa educating her youngest daughter Eve about supporting a woman president (referring to Hillary Clinton). The preview suggests that Vanessa is trying hard to get Eve to support this idea.

Meanwhile, Ed reveals to Mike that he hasn't been in touch with his daughter for years, prompting Mike and Mandy search for common ground.

The synopsis for "PingPong" reads:

"Vanessa thinks Eve should be more supportive of having a woman president; Mike and Mandy wonder what they have in common."

"Last Man Standing" season 5 episode 3, titled "PingPong", will be aired on 9 October at 8 pm on ABC.